About 10000 World Architects Exhibition

The UIA2011 Tokyo: The 24th World Congress of Architecture, held in conjunction with UIA2011 Tokyo, will take place in Tokyo, Japan from September 25 to October 1, 2011. This will be the largest international architectural congress in the history of Japanese architecture, bringing together an estimated 10,000 architects from 128 countries around the world.
To mark the significance of this event, we are hosting the 10,000 World Architects Exhibition. Symbolizing UIA2011 Tokyo, this exhibition will convey the messages of architects from around the world through the medium of one project image per architect. Japanese and international architects are invited to participate in the creation of this exhibition, which is open to all architects regardless of affiliation. The exhibition seeks to promote understanding of cultures in different countries through architecture, as well as to convey the architectsユ messages and their works across a broad spectrum of society.

About the Exhibition

The 10,000 World Architects Exhibition will open to the world as a web exhibition beginning with the start of registration on January 13, 2011. Its scale will continue to grow as more and more architects register for the exhibition.

Posters for participating architects will be produced in sequential order and shown prior to UIA2011 Tokyo at various venues around Japan. POSTERS are designed to communicate architects' messages to the general public and promote the publicity of UIA2011 Tokyo.
From September 25 2011, all available space for display at Tokyo International Forum, the main venue of UIA2011 Tokyo, will be dedicated to the poster exhibition.


Jan. 13, 2011
Opening of entry for Web Exhibition
Registration and data uploading is accepted around the clock.
Posters will be produced in sequential order for display around Japan
March 1, 2011
Start of Paypal *Paypal is cashing system on the web.
June 30, 2011
Registration/entry deadline
Sep. 26 ~ Oct. 2, 2011
Poster exhibition at Tokyo International Forum

Procedures for Entry

You are invited to take part in the 10,000 World Architects Exhibition, which may be accessed online anywhere in the world 24 hours a day. Online registration must be completed prior to entry. Voluntary participation, self-responsibility and self-judgment on the part of the registering participant will be the overriding principle for all registrations and data uploads.

Architects from all countries / people who have played an integral role in the design of the project to be displayed.
Number of exhibits
Limited to one per person.
Exhibit contents
Portrait photo of the entrant, entrant's country (region) and name, message of up to 140 characters, a project image (it can be a photo, drawing, computer graphic (CG) or in other forms (limited to one in number) and data including the title and other details of the work.
Entry fee
WEB Exhibition : FREE
How to Enter
To enter the 10,000 World Architects Exhibition, complete the entrant registration on the exhibition website and upload data using the Application Form found on My Page, a page provided exclusively for participants. Your data will be posted automatically on the Web Exhibition by the web system.
Mainly in English, some contents has your native language.

About 10,000 World Architects Exhibition Committee

10,000 World Architects Exhibition Committee
The Japan Insutituted of Architects : JIA
The Japan Organization Borad : JOB

Committee Members

Taro Ashihara (President of The Japan Institute of Architects)
Yutaka Uenami (President of The Japan Institute of Architects Koshin-etsu Chapter)
Akihiko Omori (ArchiMedia-System.com)
Masami Kobayashi (Meiji University)
Shinobu Akahori (Shibaura Institute of Technology)
Taichi Akama (SHIN architecture and engineering co.,Ltd)
Nobuya Tsutsui (Executive Director of The Japan Institute of Architects)
Naoki Tei (Cabbage-net inc.)


10,000 World Architects Exhibition Committee Secretariat (in the JIA Kanto Koshin-etsu Capter)

* We will not accept inquires by phone. If you have any contact to us, please use the contact form.